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Our company


Our company designs, produces and sales Hydraulic components. We are a Bosch Rexroth Oil Control distributor.

Business starts in 1982 by the purchase of representations for Piedmont area of some companies concerning hydraulic sector (already Oil Control and Salami).This activity supports the development of a close technical relationship with the main enterprises of the construction machinery field, mobile equipment and industrial machines using hydraulic systems.

Hydrover's turns directly to the market and puts at the disposal of our guests a developed experience and the flexibility typical of a little business. These skills allow us during the time to tie commercial and technical relationship with many business located in our territory and also abroad.

Hydrover, your Hydraulic Partner.


Our mission

Giving you the right product and solution at the better price

Our skills

  • Design and production of custom electronic controls
  • Hydraulic integrated circuits design
  • Hydraulic components distribution
  • Machining capacity
  • Bosch Rexroth Oil Control products knowledge


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