New H97133 - Management block for simultaneous feeds with a variable displacement pump 1/2” G

100 lpm - 350 bar

This equipment allows to set diferent low rates and diferent pressures for multiple outputs connected to the same variable displacement pump. On each section the electrically operated cartridge is the same in on-of and proportional. It is equipped with a manual stroke limitation to use with the on-of coil. The same function is done electrically by adopting a proportional coil. The low rates and pressures set are also respected for contemporary uses. To ofer greater lexibility in warehouse management, the diferent types of sections, input / intermediate / closing, use the same manifold. So they can be transformed into another type of section by adding / removing a few components (see bill of materials for details). The LS OUT (towards the pump) must be on the closing section, a potential LS IN (coming from a distributor, for example) on the inlet section. The inlet section can be used stand alone.